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What is Live Loopers?
Live Loopers is a collection of places on the internet created for the enjoyment of people who love loop based music. You do not have to be a musician --or a performer of any sort-- to participate. Live Loopers is a great place for casual fans and long time loopers to discover and interact with performers, get advice from one another, promote the music that inspires them, and just chat about where all this Live Loop music is heading.

If you are a Loop Artist --just starting off or a seasoned veteran-- you are encouraged to use Live Loopers to promote your own music so long as that is not the ONLY thing you are here to do. So don't be a lurker, be a looper. We encourage posts and questions of all types from people of all sorts.

Enjoy the loops.

Loop ON!
Where to find us
Live loopers is here on this website. It's also all over social media wherever we can find friends of loop music.

Live Loopers on YouTube is a great source for information and tips relating to creating your own Loop Music and a fun way to discover new Live Loopers to listen to.

Live Loopers facebook is a great place to get answers to questions, catch the latest videos, catch news from loop artists, post what you like to our time line. We try to maintain a friendly and helpful community, welcoming to new people, helping people interested in loop music in any way to enhance their loop music enjoyment.

If you want only occasional updates when there is big news follow our tweets on twitter.

How we came to be
Video coming soon.
Who we are
Alex - I'm a rapper in the live hip hop band BloodThirsty Vegans. I got into Looping as a way to still be able to rap when the band was busy and now I am a huge fan of all kinds of Loop music. My Rap Name is Alex by the way.

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