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Featured Loop Artists
Dub FX - Quite possibly the most popular Loop Artist in the world. Certainly one of the most influential. DubFX has toured the world bringing his sound directly to the people. A Looper who brought his craft outside at busking spots around the world he was filmed by Ben Dowden of Bristol in the UK one day and that video went super viral and the world of music has never been the same since. Dub FX now brings his show all around the world playing to packed houses around the globe. He has very sincere and positive lyrics, he has an amazing emotive sound full of sonic deliciousness, his bass thumps; not surprisingly he now has adoring fans everywhere.

Kawehi - Once upon a time a Michael Jackson cover tune hit the front page of Reddit and her likes on facebook started spinnging out of control and her video views on YouTube started going crazy and everyone started talking about the quirky robot girl evolving into a world traveling rock star and they never stopped. She's probably in her secret underground lair crafting some luscious wall of sound to set the internet on fire as we speak.

Tom Thumb - Tom Thumb is an exceptional beatboxer with an amazing range of sounds. Now that he's a vocal loop artist also, he's really getting it done. Aided greatly by a video demonstration of his awesome talents that went very viral, Tom Thumb now tours the world and releases amazing videos on YouTube that sound superFANTASTIC!

Zach Deputy - A musical force of nature. His tag line reads "Island infused Drum N' Bass Gospel Ninja Soul" and that's pretty much what it sounds like. Playing amazing marathon sets on the festival circut Zach Deputy has converted jam-banders and dancers and rockers alike. You barely notice all of the loop magic going on while listening to the massive Zach Deputy party time.

Brian Fitzy - Violin virtuoso and loop master on an rc300, Brian Fitzy skillfully deconstructs popular old scool jams and recreates them in his own style. With a catalogue of awesome originals and an ear for improvisation Brian Fitzy has been taking the Northeastern U.S. by storm.

Reggie Watts - With a keyboard, a loop station and and endless supply of humor Reggie Watts has entertained delighted (and confused) throngs of whatever congregates in throngs. His appearances on network, cable and public television and the internet and for live audiences have solidified him as a favored loop artist. His blend of raw musical talent, soulful crooning, and completely bizzare vocals are a huge hit with people, pets and pre-ligual babies alike.

Loop Artist Interviews
: October 2014

LiveLoopers.com - First I'd like to say thanks a ton for agreeing to do our very first interview. I, in particular, am really impressed by your music.

Chersea - No, thank you! Such an honour - I'm thrilled! And excited you're putting together a site like this. It will really help similar artists to connect - so thank you! And I'm glad you enjoy my music and what I've put together.

LiveLoopers.com - Thanks. 1st question: If you had 30 seconds on an elevator with some person who could be important to the future of your music and you had to tell them what your music is --and is about-- in 30 seconds or lesss... what is your music about?

Chersea - That's a really good question. First of all I'd hope it would be Dave Grohl because he's a genius and I respect him and his musicianship so much...but I would basically describe my music as the following: I'm a loop artist, a musician who builds layers upon layers of synthy sounds within the framework of a classical background to form music that I love and want to listen to. I would classify my work as ambient tribal pop.

LiveLoopers.com - (this may seem like an end-of-interview question, but I like to ask it up front)

If someone is REALLY interested in your music after reading this interview, what are the one or two things you would want a new fan to do to connect to your music for now and keep track of new music in the future.

Chersea - For new fans, old fans and everyone else in between, I direct them to my web page and my YouTube channel, and to Facebook. I am very good at answering all messages and in any language (thank you google translate), so for fans who want to connect I'm here to chat and listen and help them start their looping careers. I love new friends.

Featured Videos
Tom Thumb - Cheap Wine - This was the first video we ever broadcasted on our service. It's a good one.

Kawehi - Anthem - A new video from Kawehi that does a great job of showing all of the different vocal parts in her song.

Dub FX - Love Someone - A breakthough live loop video by Dub FX. Filmed by BD Film this video introduced a huge audience to the possibilities of loop music.

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