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Featured Performances
The First Live Loopers featured performance is an original song "Hell Diver" by Arjun Singh using Loopy Pro. It's an extremely intense and very creative 4 minute performance.

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Seth Roach uses Ableton to Uleash the Beast! An Ableton Live Looping performance to get you and your creative juices up and flowin'. Live Loopers Feature #2!.

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"Pablo Beach House" with the warm breeze, cool drink, fine companionship, ocean air, soothing sounds, trusty dog, sunny days, you got IT MADE!!!

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Featured Interviews
Get to know singer, songwriter, live looper, multi-instrumentalist, and composer Brian Fitzy in a 20ish minute power packed little sit down chat across the internet.

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Featured Loop Artists
Dub FX - A passionate street performance artist who took live looping to the streets and became an internet sensation. Dub FX inspied a whole new generation of beat boxing vocal loopers with portable looping rigs. With an inspiring selection of songs about universal love and a harmonious humanity he is changing the world one concert at a time.

Reggie Watts - The description defying Regiie Watts is comedy one minute and souldful R&B the next, but the he will launch into a mind bending philosophical question that will end in a different language before it veers off into anti-laguage. Or something. But the Live Looping is always great whatever else comes along with it for the ride.

Elise Trouw - An awe inspiring multi-instrumentalist, Elise Trouw will slide from instrument to instrument and with each one add some emotive beauty that builds into an absolute work of sonic art. Fun popish lyrics and funky grooves and delicious harmonies and irresistable rhythms all come together to wow audiences wherever she goes.

Marc Ribellet - The Loop Daddy makes it all look effortless as he blasts improvisational goodness into an RC505 and then makes up mind bending hedonic lyrical filth and does it all in a bathrobe. Throngs of freedom loving people liberate themselves to the Loop Daddy soup all over the globe.

Kawehi - Having taken many well beloved cover songs and totally owning them in her unique style Kawehi built an internet following in record time. Along the way she's never stopped releasing absolutely amazing original songs as well. Her ever evolving sound has incorporated live looping and helped to push the boudaries of the possible.

Beardyman - Aggressive danceable anihilation. With a mouth capable of unfathomable sounds and a genius brain working out impossible complexities beardy is alway one step ahead. His machines and the sonic wonders they produce leave listeners more entertained than it's actually possible to be.

Tom Thum - You can think of Tom Thum as a scientist of sound. Perfecting noises and styles that most could never dream of and blending them into audible works of wonder.

the Kiffness - You've got togive the people what they want. Loop Artist the Kiffness showcases the finest singing cats, internet memes and whatever else makes a great sound. With all due respect for different cultures and a knack for working out magestic harmonies for the music in everyday life Kiffness consistenly uses his powers of amusement for good.

Reinhardt Buhr - With a YouTube channel that's exploding in popularity Reinhard Buhr's music full of faith, beauty and delicate precision has garnered a lot of admirers. Whether attracting a crowd to his outdoor performances, demonstrating the best of new and old technology in his home studio or thrilling audiences with a live show Buhr's attention to detail and musical instincts consistently impress.

Brian Fitzy - Singer, songwriter, live looper, multi-instrumentalist, and composer Brian Fitzy tackles everything from Hip Hop to Raging Rock! Whether it's live streams, studio recording, live gigs with a band or with a loop pedal the talent and energy shine through.

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Zach Deputy - Zach Deputy's musical talents were apparent from a very young age onward. As an early adopter of looping technology and a marathon music festival star Deputy helped popularize live looping with his funky jams.

Loop Artist Interviews
: October 2014

LiveLoopers.com - First I'd like to say thanks a ton for agreeing to do our very first interview. I, in particular, am really impressed by your music.

Chersea - No, thank you! Such an honour - I'm thrilled! And excited you're putting together a site like this. It will really help similar artists to connect - so thank you! And I'm glad you enjoy my music and what I've put together.

LiveLoopers.com - Thanks. 1st question: If you had 30 seconds on an elevator with some person who could be important to the future of your music and you had to tell them what your music is --and is about-- in 30 seconds or lesss... what is your music about?

Chersea - That's a really good question. First of all I'd hope it would be Dave Grohl because he's a genius and I respect him and his musicianship so much...but I would basically describe my music as the following: I'm a loop artist, a musician who builds layers upon layers of synthy sounds within the framework of a classical background to form music that I love and want to listen to. I would classify my work as ambient tribal pop.

LiveLoopers.com - (this may seem like an end-of-interview question, but I like to ask it up front)

If someone is REALLY interested in your music after reading this interview, what are the one or two things you would want a new fan to do to connect to your music for now and keep track of new music in the future.

Chersea - For new fans, old fans and everyone else in between, I direct them to my web page and my YouTube channel, and to Facebook. I am very good at answering all messages and in any language (thank you google translate), so for fans who want to connect I'm here to chat and listen and help them start their looping careers. I love new friends.

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