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What is Live Loopers?
Live Loopers is a collection of places on the internet created for the enjoyment of people who love loop based music. You do not have to be a musician --or a performer of any sort-- to participate. Live Loopers is a great place for casual fans and long time loopers to discover and interact with performers, get advice from one another, promote the music that inspires them, and just chat about where all this Live Loop music is heading.

If you are a Loop Artist --just starting off or a seasoned veteran-- you are encouraged to use Live Loopers to promote your own music so long as that is not the ONLY thing you are here to do. So don't be a lurker, be a looper. We encourage posts and questions of all types from people of all sorts.

Enjoy the loops.

Loop ON!
Where to find us
Live loopers is here on this website. It's also all over social media wherever we can find friends of loop music.

For right now most of our activity happens on facebook. Live Loopers facebook is a fast-paced place to get answers to questions, catch the latest videos, catch news from loop artists, post what you like to our time line. We try to maintain a friendly and helpful community, welcoming to new people, helping people interested in loop music in any way to enhance their loop music enjoyment.

We are still in the process of preparing our YouTube channel. We have big plans for it. Feel free to subscribe to it now though.

If you want only occasional updates when there is big news follow our tweets on twitter.

If you need to find a video that we posted a long time ago and don't feel like scrolling through facebook for hours this is a quick way to flip through what we've posted in the past. Most of what we've posted show up here also.

If you'd like a sneak peak at what we're going to post you can check out our pin board. This is usually where we stock pile videos to be posted in the future.

It will probably be a while before we get to doing anything with our SoundCloud. We intend to use it for collaborative projects in the colLABoratory, but that may be a long way off yet.

How we came to be
Video coming soon.
Who we are
Alex - I'm a rapper in the live hip hop band BloodThirsty Vegans. I got into Looping as a way to still be able to rap when the band was busy and now I am a huge fan of all kinds of Loop music. My Rap Name is Alex by the way.

Aki - So my name is Aki Tuononen. I'm a big fan of vocal looping. Been looping myself for couple years, using korg, boss, tc-helicon devices. I will soon be releasing my own projects under the name Axopad.

Josh - My name is Josh Craggs (of Josh Craggs Music). I'm a vocal loop artist that has been obsessed by looping for about 3/4 years, courtesy of Dub FX. Favourite looping artists include: Dub FX, Sam Perry and MC Xander. Currently working on releasing studio material with the aim of creating a full ambient vocal mix in the not too distant future.

Diana - I am very interested in music - the genre is not important as long as it makes me feel something. I'm a singer and I've always been fascinated by jam sessions and by the process of music making. At jam sessions music is created on the spot and it doesn't have time to be over analyzed by our critical brains. And I think that is GREAT! I've become very interested in looping after seeing some great videos of Beardyman, Tioneb and Dub FX.

Loop Cycle - Loop Cycle here, or my human name - Dan. I am pleased to have been added to the admin team here and hope to share some great posts with you! www.loopcycle.co.uk.

Just Alliance - Just Alliance (born John Allen), is an ever-changing artist incorporating countless influences and experiences he has found throughout the world. Just Alliance’s looping prowess is in fast demand, bringing him ever-further from his home of Las Vegas to places around the world. From performing for industry professionals in Los Angeles, New York and London to educating students with one of the most exciting, interactive looping workshops available today, this dynamic artist has found the pulse of this unique medium. www.justalliance.com.

Fidgit - I am an Electronic Music producer, bass player, studio engineer and live sound engineer. I have used my ten year experience playing and recording music that covers all genres to full affect when it comes to producing hard hitting tracks that clearly stand out and stand alone within the world of Electronic Music and live looping as something truly unique.

Adrian - Born into a family of musicians, I have been writing songs & singing for most of my life, I now play Acoustic Guitar & Lap Steel Guitar as well as percussion and Lead Vocals for South African Folk/Rock/Reggae band; MOJO FILTER.

Adryelle - I am a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Baltimore. In addition to being a songwriter I do my own production & videography. My song have been played on the radio, as well as various Internet radio outlets like Spotify and Itunes. I have toured the East Coast and the Mid-West. My latest album, The Waiting Room, can be purchased on Bandcamp at www.adryellemusic.bandcamp.com.

What we're working on next
The three main things we're working on right now:

1) Getting more content for our YouTube Channel.

2) Restarting this website eventually.

3) Helping to organize a NorthEast Loop Fest.

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