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by JustAlliance

The 2015 Winter NAMM is now in the books and I believe I can say without pause, that this might very well be one of the best shows I have attended. As I am sure there are artists blogs, A/R blogs and company blogs spread around the internet touting the latest wares and artists to pull the listener…and in NAMM’s case (and more importantly) the buyer’s eyes to a particular stage or product. In a way, the writer’s blog is no different, all I know…is what I saw, felt and experienced.

by JustAlliance

Pittsburgh native (and acapella mainstay) Mike Why’s EP “Run My Mouth” was released with six well-arranged and diverse tracks that showcase the width and depth of Why’s talents both in the studio behind the mic and the console. It is obvious Why has spent years honing his crafts in the acapella circuit and found an audience coast to coast and has since set out as a solo artist that makes a very strong statement with his first solo album, ‘Run My Mouth.’


Vocal loop recording artist and 2012 Boss Loop Station World Champion Tioneb answers some questions about music production, loop machines, his hopes and fears and lots of other cool stuff.

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Canadian recording artist and 2013 Boss Loop Station Championship Champion for Canada and 2012 3rd place finalist, Chersea takes a bit of time out to speak with LiveLoopers.com about her music, her experiences and Looping in general.

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